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Psychedelics Canada

Psychedelics Canada

Psychedelics Canada is the nation’s only organization dedicated to providing safe and responsible access to legal, therapeutic psychedelic experiences. With a team of mental health professionals, educators, and researchers, Is committed to creating a platform for informed conversations, research, education, and advocacy. Through engaging with a variety of stakeholders including policy makers, health practitioners, and members of the public, they seek to develop meaningful change in the way Canadians access and interact with psychedelic medicines.  Is paving the way for the integration of psychedelics into mainstream society

 Revolutionary organization dedicated to providing Canadians with quality access to psychedelic experiences. With a commitment to safety and education, Psychedelics Canada is leading the way in responsible use of psychedelics and influencing transformation among Canadians. By providing a forum for responsible engagement, this organization is helping to shape the conversation around psychedelics and how we approach their usage. Through education, advocacy, and support, Psychedelics Canada will continue to be an important resource for Canadians seeking safe, transformative psychedelic experiences..
 Nation-wide network of experts and researchers specializing in the field of psychedelic medicine and psychotherapies. With the mission of supporting people’s healing journeys, we provide evidence-based education, resources and support to those who are interested in using psychedelics for therapeutic purposes. We also advocate for the safe and responsible use of psychedelics for the benefit of our collective well-being. Our network of experts is composed of doctors, scientists, psychologists and psychotherapists from all over Canada, who are dedicated to helping individuals seeking help from psychedelics.

Research on psychedelics

 Research organization that is dedicated to exploring the potential of psychedelics for healing, growth and transformation. In particular, looks at the therapeutic applications of psychedelics in mental health treatment, as well as its potential to foster spiritual growth. The organization believes that by understanding psychedelics, society can use its potential to create better mental health care and better lives. Psychedelics Canada is committed to engaging in research with integrity and safety in order to ensure that these substances are used responsibly and ethically.

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